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How it Works:
  1. Sign-up for free to create a business account.  When you sign-up, 1 free invoice form will be added to your "Invoice Stack".  The invoice stack is similar to a stack of paper forms.  When you create an invoice, one invoice form is removed from the stack.  When the stack is empty, you may purchase additional invoice forms for a nominal fee.

  2. Create invoices using our public gallery of invoice forms.  You may also create invoices using your favorite program, such as Word, Excel, or any other application that can produce an invoice.  Invoices created by other applications (i.e.: off-line) may be uploaded to your account for presentment on-line.

  3. Send invoices to your customers via E-mail, or print the invoice and send it via regular (snail) mail or by FAX.  When your customers receive an invoice, they may log in to view the invoice in a secure environment.

  4. Accept payments from your customers.  If you configure a payment gateway (such as PayPal), your customers will be able to pay your invoice on-line.
Manage your invoices from the convenience of your desktop!

Why bill your customers on-line?

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