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QWhat is the cost per invoice?
AThe cost per invoice varies depending on the number of invoice forms purchased:

Cost per Invoice:Number of Invoices:Cost:
$0.50 (USD)10$5.00 (USD)
$0.45 (USD)20$9.00 (USD)
$0.40 (USD)30$12.00 (USD)
$0.35 (USD)50$17.50 (USD)
$0.30 (USD)80$24.00 (USD)
$0.25 (USD)100$25.00 (USD)

The number of invoice forms you purchase is added to your "Invoice Stack". The Invoice Stack is similar to a stack of paper forms. One form is removed from the stack when:

  • A new invoice is created.

  • The customer associated with an invoice is changed.
    For example: You create an invoice that is associated with Customer A. You then edit the invoice and change the invoice to be associated with a different customer, ie: Customer B. This would cause one form to be removed from the stack.
When the invoice stack becomes empty, new invoices cannot be created until additional forms are purchased.

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